10.14.09: If there is a lesson to be learned in the recent economic downturn, it is for business owners to strengthen their insight by reading the early warning indicators of shifts or changes in the business environment. Just like Farmers pay attention to the coming weather and how animals are acting to give them an advanced notice of what the immediate future holds, so too should entrepreneurs focus on the signs of business change by examining certain internal business changes and differences in how prospects and customers are behaving. One business tool that can provide that level of prognostication for companies is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

According to Linda Wade, a CRM expert providing change management and training solutions for clients since 1996 (, CRM is best explained as, "Having the view into your customer's business to understand how to maintain and build upon existing customer relationships." Ms. Wade then further clarified how entrepreneurs can begin to incorporate a CRM solution into their business, "When small business purchase a CRM system, the first phase is generally to provide sales reps with a tool that allows them to capture pertinent customer information." read more

Apogee Re-Branding Highlights New Focus and Expanded Partnerships

6.07.09: Apogee Solutions, Inc., a CRM training leader providing strategy, implementation, and support services for CRM application users, today unveiled its new branding plan and visual identity. The re-branding coincides with several of Apogee’s growth initiatives and completes a re-focusing of the core business on the CRM marketplace.

As part of this transformation, Apogee has introduced a modern logo and identity program, along with a concise tagline that also serves as the cornerstone of the company’s new brand promise: “Business-focused training solutions”. The updated visual representation of the brand will appear in all of the company’s advertising and documentation.